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  • Which type of Guzheng should I buy?
    Size: The Guzheng has two common sizes. The standard Guzheng is 163cm long, and the smaller/travel size Guzheng is 135cm long. Generally speaking, the standard Guzheng has deeper and more resonant sound. The smaller/travel size Guzheng has a brighter sound, but it retains most of a full-sized instrument's depth and complexity of sound and string spacing. Make and Build: A key factor to consider is the make and build of a Guzheng, as the labour and craftsmanship come with a matching price tag. For a Guzheng that is more affordable, production follows a key process of wood piece selection, shaping and cutting, drying, heat treatment and assembly. To make a Guzheng out of one log is a time-consuming process and requires more skill; therefore, it is more expensive. This process involves selecting the raw log, carving the frame out, pattern carving, drying, heat treatment, surface treatment and small parts installation. Assembled Guzheng can be made through mass production, however a Guzheng carved out of a log is comparatively limited. Paulownia is a popular choice when it comes to raw log selection. If a skilled craftsman makes a Guzheng out of a rare wood log, it will be even more valuable.
  • How long/often do I need to practice?
    We recommend practicing 3 - 5 times each week, 30-45 mins each time, and focusing on practicing the fundamental skills. We believe in practicing smartly to deliver more effective results.
  • What do I need for Guzheng study?
    For the 50% OFF trial class, simply book the class online and show up. We will provide finger picks, the Guzheng instrument and music notes. For face-to-face classes, the Guzheng instrument and finger picks will be provided at the premise. Music notes will be gifted to you for free once you have decided to take more Guzheng classes with us. You are more than welcome to BYO your own finger picks if you prefer. For online classes, you will need the Guzheng instrument and finger picks. Music notes will be gifted to you for free. Do you not have a Guzheng? No problem, you can rent one from us. We offer free Guzheng delivery to your door within Melbourne area (25 KM range). If you decide to purchase a Guzheng from us within the first 3 weeks rental period (21 days), we will deduct the rental fee off the Guzheng purchase price. Furthermore, you can continue to use the same Guzheng for free until we set up and deliver your brand new Guzheng. For details, please contact our friendly staff.
  • Why should I choose to study Guzheng with Sinobeats | Australia Guzheng Academy?
    Guzheng is a Chinese traditional music instrument with 21 strings. Like learning any other instrument, it takes time to learn the foundations. However, our classes are structured in a way to combine the technical skills with simplified versions of well-known songs, so you can get used to the performance experience while learning the basics hands-on. Our teachers will modify the class content based on your individual interests and needs to ensure we tap into your fullest potential. Regular practice with the right method is highly recommended if you would like to quickly improve playing the Guzheng. Our teachers and students with various skill levels participated in our 2020 EOY online music concert. We encourage you to watch the whole performance to explore different styles of Guzheng music (classical/contemporary/anime). This might give you some idea of where you could be after a few Guzheng classes.
  • How to care for a Guzheng?
    Believe it or not, playing your instrument is the best care you could ever give to a Guzheng. A Guzheng is made of wood, and it is highly recommended to keep it in places with good air circulation. Avoid moist environments and keep it away from intensive heat and direct sunlight for long period of time. Regularly dust for health and hygiene purposes. It is not recommended to leave your finger picks taped to your Guzheng. Depending on the surface design, you may choose to use alcohol to clean the Guzheng. However, we do not recommend using alcohol to clean a Guzheng with raw wood surface.
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