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Mini Oschestra

We offer music lessons to kids who have no music background and between 3 - 5 years old. Through experiential learning, your kids can learn how to read music, study on rhythm and music theory. At the same time, they can find the musical instrument they are really interested in, and then start the systematic study of musical instrument.

Guzheng / Pipa / Piano / Violin / Uklele

Small Class

Teachers can observe and interact with each kid, while creating a more group learning atmosphere.


Multi Sessions

Set total  hours class into 50+10 mins Sessions, so your kids can can focus better on their class.

Rate: $45 / Hour

Multi Instruments

Instead of learning a single musical instrument, we use kids' natural curiosity to experience a variety of Musical Instruments, so as to enhance their interest and concentration in music learning!

Online Guitar Class


One Hours Trial Class

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